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5 Tips to Prolong Your PMU Investment

You got permanent makeup done, you're healed, and good to go! Or are you?

Unlike body tattoos, permanent makeup is not tattooed into the skin as deep, therefore, it will naturally fade over time. However, most permanent makeup procedures could last anywhere from 2-5+ years before needing a touchup with proper care.

Obviously, skin textures, types, and sensitivities can play a role into longevity, but did you know there are things you can do and avoid to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh?

Here are 5 Tips to Prolong Your Permanent Makeup Investment!

#1. Sun Exposure & SPF: Like anything left in the sun for too long, it can fade, and become damaged. Once you're healed, I recommend wearing an SPF or avoiding sun on all permanent makeup procedures, and body tattoos. How is that possible?

Let's cover the bases:

Lip procedures: When in direct sun, always consider a lip balm containing at least an SPF of 15. One of my personal favs? Glo Skin Beauty's ultra huge lip balm:

Just make sure to reapply throughout prolonged sun exposure.

Brow Procedures: Being a skin guru, and skin cancer preacher, you should always wear SPF on your face every. single. day. So, just wipe the SPF over your brows. Hiking and outdoors? Maybe consider a hat or baseball cap to shade your brows for ultimate protection.

Eyeliner Procedures: When outside, always protect your eyeliner, and eyeballs with sunglasses.

Areola & other body procedures: Nude beaches or private patios? That's cool- sunscreen it up! I like to pretend that tanning beds are a thing of the past and NO ONE utilizes them anymore, because they're absolutely a guaranteed skin cancer trap, but that's simply not reality. Yes, you should very much consider covering your tattoos while in tanning beds (if you dare to step or lie in one).

#2 Skin Care Product: Some products you're using could potentially fade your well-spent PMU investment. It's important to check for the following ingredients in your creams, serums, and cleansers to ensure no premature fading:

Retinol, tretinoin, glycolic & salicylic acids (alpha-hydroxy acids, and beta-hydroxy acids), or benzoyl peroxide.

Most of these ingredients can be found in anti-aging, and/or acne products. It's not to say you can't use them on your face, just be careful to not get them on your tattooed areas.

#3 Swimming Pools & Ocean Water: Although these two should be avoided during the healing process, longterm, I recommend layering Aquaphor, or a protective barrier balm on your brows when swimming in either of these elements. There's no known facts that chlorine or salt water can fade actual tattooed ink, but the effect these two have on our skin overall, it might not be a bad idea to protect your PMU treated areas while enjoying the waters.

#4 Protecting & Hydrating: One of the most important factors during the healing process is utilizing Aquaphor or Vaseline (protective balms) on your freshly tattooed areas to promote even healing. Living in a dryer climate, I recommend applying a healing/protective balm on your tattooed areas from time to time at night. Think of it as the skin care for the tattooed skin. It keeps that skin healthy and hydrated, keeping your ink pretty and vibrant.

#5 Touch up your ink, but don't overdue it: Who doesn't love the vibrancy of freshly tattooed ink? Over time, obviously the ink will fade. Touch ups are key to maintaining your investment; it's like buying a brand new car, and getting new tires from to time to time. However, maintaining skin integrity is key. I recommend doing touchups no sooner than 12 months from your last treatment.

Follow these tips for not only your permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos, but body tattoos, too! After all, it's still our skin- our largest organ in the body!

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