About Andrea Monique Aesthetics

This Is How My Story Began

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO, I've always been surrounded by aesthetic beauty- the mountains, the greenery, the blue skies- my appreciation for true, and real beauty grew.  Growing up, I always had a desire to help and service people.  Reaching high school, my love for skincare and beauty grew, and was profound enough, that I knew at the age of 15, I wanted to go into skincare and esthetic industry.


As senior year approached, I began looking at different schooling options, and with my mom- a regular laser hair removal customer- she gave me the idea to explore laser aesthetics, and I fell in love with it.  The idea that you could transform someone's skin safely and effectively with a laser blew me away.  A month after graduation, I attended the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, and have been a certified laser technician since 2008. 

Fast forward to 2010, I completed my state boards to becoming a licensed esthetician in the state of Colorado. 

  Over the years, the desire to want to do more in the aesthetic industry peaked.  After having my very own eyebrows microbladed in June 2017, I fell in love with permanent cosmetics.  Being a victim of over-plucked eyebrows in high school, my self-confidence boosted within 45 minutes of the tattooing process.  Being able to wakeup with brows, go to the gym, sweat, and not have to worry if half of my brow sweated off, was truly great!  I completed the 132 hours of required permanent makeup schooling in Colorado, and began a new journey in December of 2017.


Some artists, it takes practice, and others it comes natural.  The first time I tattooed brows on a human was exhilarating, and having them take a look in the mirror falling in-love with them was indescribable. 


So you ask, "Why you? What separates you from the rest?"  First of all and foremost, I am by no means at the peak of my career, nor do I know everything.  I continuously learn, and admire so many pioneers in the industry.  Perhaps not an expert, but definitely not a rookie, I've always stuck to the one value that has made me a successful aesthetician, and laser technician, that I hold as a permanent makeup artist: Safety first, and begin conservative.  Learning my way through the esthetics field, I'd always prefer a client say, "I didn't see much of a difference,' and have to do a complimentary treatment than, "Oh no! Look what you did to my skin," and scar them for life.  The same goes for permanent makeup, and that's why I include a complimentary touch up with all of my permanent makeup services.  

We can make makeup bolder and darker, but we can't take away- we can always add at your complimentary treatment.  

In addition, being well rounded in the industry, I'm familiar with many skin conditions, know how to treat different skin types, and know what other treatments you can and can't do around your permanent cosmetics.


I'm excited to continue to boost the confidence of both men and women in the world by enhancing their features with permanent cosmetics. 

Thank you to all of my friends, family, fellow co-workers, clients, those of you who have always volunteered to be a model throughout my career to further my education- thank you!

And to my future clients, I can't wait to treat you, get to know you, and build a lasting relationship!