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Eyebrow Nanoblading This technique applies thin hair strokes to replicate a realistic and natural brow look.  Perfect for those wanting to fill in, or needing complete, full, & natural looking brows. 

Ombre/Powdered Eyebrows: Giving a soft, powdery effect with all over color. Healed result is soft, powdery brow effect, with more structure and all over color, with a makeup finished look to the brow. 

Mixed Eyebrow "Blade N' Shade":  Combining both the nanoblading with the powdered brow, this finished look gives you a natural, but bold look. 

These are single session appointments.  The initial appointment is the ground and blueprint.  With any permanent makeup service, we highly recommend scheduling an 8-10 week follow up appointment to perfect your new cosmetic enhancement.  Please see our scheduling page for pricing on touch ups. 

Nano Shaded StrokesNano Shaded Strokes combines the artistry of nanoblading with the precision of a digital device.  This technique gives the look of fluffier, fuller brows as the shading technique used with implanting each individual hair gives a more pixelated look to the brow strokes.  Generally safe for all skin types, and great for more sensitive skin.

*Includes Touch up -must be used within 12 weeks from Initial Treatment*

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