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Eyebrow Microblading This technique applies thin hair strokes to replicate a realistic and natural brow look.  Perfect for those wanting to fill in, or needing complete, full, & natural looking brows. – $549.00

Ombre/Powdered Eyebrows: Giving a soft, powdery effect with all over color. Healed result is soft, powdery brow effect, with more structure and all over color, with a makeup finished look to the brow: $549.00

Mixed Eyebrow "Blade N' Shade":  Combining both the 3D Micro-blade with the powdered brow, this finished look gives you a natural, but bold look. $549.00

These are single session appointments.  The initial appointment is the ground and blueprint.  With any permanent makeup service, we highly recommend scheduling an 8-10 week follow up appointment to perfect your new cosmetic enhancement.  Please see our scheduling page for pricing on touchups. 

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