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5 Reasons to Pick Me as Your Permanent Makeup Artist

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

So you’re interested in permanent makeup? I’m sure you have your reservations, which rightfully so- I am tattooing your face. Before and after photos look great, my prices are competitive, my location is convenient, but do you really know what are key factors you should consider, or at least I would, when choosing a permanent makeup artist?

Here are 5 reasons of why you should choose me, and things to consider when choosing your artist:

  1. I’ve been a licensed aesthetician for 10 years, and actively have practiced that entire time. I manage a successful medispa, but that’s not the point. I’m well versed in treatments, whether it be chemical peels, or a CO2 resurfacing. Not only can I recommend other treatments for you, but I know how to go about safely treating you for your permanent makeup needs, should you be in the midst of getting other cosmetic treatments.

  2. I’m conservative when it comes to treatment. Yep, not just with permanent makeup, but all of my other cosmetic laser and facial treatments; I feel that’s what’s made, and kept me successful throughout the years. It’s far better for me to start light, and add at your touch up, should we need to.

  3. I’m actually a licensed permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoo artist…like legally. Did you know that a lot of “microblading artists” out there may not even be an aesthetician? Or maybe they are, but they never completed the 132 required hours for permanent makeup/tattooing by the state of Colorado and DORA? Which by the way, you do have to be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to be able to complete permanent makeup schooling by an accredited CO school. How does that happen, you ask? Well, with the high demand in microblading these last few years, a lot of companies have made their own teaching academies, and go state-to-state, city-to-city, teaching these 3 day courses, which can be legit, but have nothing to do with each state’s guidelines. Long story short, check your artist’s credentials before you proceed (mine are framed and displayed in my studio).

  4. I use top notch pigments that won’t leave you red or grey. When I first went to schooling and started in the industry, we mixed our pigments. For a brunette, we would take a base brown, and mix in a reddish/orange color to add some warmth; there wasn’t any perfect mixture. We’d tattoo the treatment, it looked amazing, and 9-12 months later, the client returns because their brows needed touching up, and we needed to hide that red. Again, with the demand of microblading, and like anything in the cosmetic industry, inks improved and got better. Now there are lines like Permablend pigments, and Tina Davies iHEARTink x Permablend, that take the guess work out for the artist. The inks are already premixed and warmed perfectly so there are no more red/orange, or blue/grey brows. These pigment lines, and any lines I use are made safely, packaged, and dispersed in a highly sterile environment. MSDS sheets for these pigments are available online, just head to their websites. Which brings me to a side note: a lot of “by night” microblade artists typically get their inks from an unknown manufacturer on Amazon- you don’t even know what’s in those inks!

  5. I always use prepackaged, and pre-sterilized needles and blades EVERY. SINGLE. TREATMENT. That should be the end of that, but I’ll elaborate. Again, some manufacturers don’t prove that they sterilized the needle before they packaged it. They might, but there’s no proof. The blades I use from Tina Davies, Everlasting brows, and the needles from Big Wasp, and Tina Davies all have a nifty set of information on every packaged utensil. Date, where, and who, and even a cool little color sticker that changes color if the package was wet or damaged, or simply no longer sterilized. So should the package be damaged in delivery, the artist can still verify if it’s safe to use or not when it’s arrived. Also, I’ll show you the packaged blade/needle before we start your treatment. And no, I don’t reuse blades or needles in any way, shape, or form. They are safely disposed of in a sharps container at the end of your appointment, and if you have a scheduled touch up 8-10 weeks later, guess what? You get a brand new prepackaged, sterilized blade/needle!

That’s it! For now, at least. I know it’s easy to see amazing before and afters on Instagram, and even read great reviews, but there’s more to it than that. Questions? Always feel free to contact me via call, text, or email! I’m happy to answer anything. Also, consultations are always great for you to meet me, and for me to get to know you, and see exactly what is ideal for you, and if you’re a safe candidate. Book your consult here:


Andrea, Owner AM Aesthetics, LLC

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